EP3: 5 Tools to Organize Your Tax Receipts

March 26, 2016

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One of the reasons I started this podcast series was I know from personal experience how overwhelming finances and taxes can be as an artist. I think we forget how much emotion there is tied to money- whether we have enough of it or we don’t have enough of it- and I know that even with my work as an accounting professional the areas of taxation can be so confusing!  

Today, I want to arm you with some really basic finance knowledge to help you conquer your tax season! In today’s Friday 5, I’m going to share my favourite ways to organize all your tax receipts. These are all super easy tasks and by doing them now before heading into tax season you’re going to set yourself up for success for this year and beyond. I’m also giving away my #1 requested resource that I share with the clients I work with (see TheSmartArtist.com website to get your copy!) 


One Receipt: https://www.onereceipt.com/

Direct blog link: http://thesmartartist.com/friday-5-5-tips-to-organize-your-tax-receipts/


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